Taking the Plunge

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The idea of working for myself / freelancing is something I have considered doing for a while and had also been something other people occasionally had suggested I should do. The thing is, it’s never an easy decision to make. There are always reasons to not do something, but I feel that now is the right time to do it.

In my last three employed positions I was operating as a one-man marketing department, so am used to the challenges of doing everything myself. I have the necessary experience behind me and a very supportive wife. I also have a pair of creative daughters to help out where necessary – they built the swimming pool scene in the main image!

Useful advice

While my website has to be the proof that I can do what I say I can, I received a great piece of advice when discussing the option of freelancing. Waiting until everything is perfect before going live with your site is just procrastination. It’s a way of putting off being told you’re not good enough.

This holds true for many marketing projects I’ve worked on previously. It’s true to say, that everything can be improved on, but a couple of things I have learnt over the years of writing copy and creating websites, is that

  1. very few people scrutinise what you write as much as you do
  2. straight away they will notice the only mistake you don’t spot

The offering

I’ve delivered many websites in my time, but there have always been other people involved.

This one is the first where I’ve

  • made every decision
  • decided on the content
  • written all the copy
  • taken all the photos
  • built the actual site
  • done all the SEO
  • created the associated social media pages

A full range of marketing services.

The freelancing starts now

I’ve really enjoyed utilising all the theory, experience and best practices that I’ve learnt over the years and going through the correct processes to launch the site. Doing this for myself has confirmed to me that freelancing is the right decision.

If you would like to be part of my new adventure, please get in touch. Or you could just follow how I get on via Twitter or LinkedIn.