Email Marketing

Email marketing is often overlooked as a channel, but across all industries and sectors, companies see amazing results . On average, for every $1 companies spend on email marketing, they will generate $36*. That’s a return of investment of 3,600%.

If you’re not seeing results like this, get in touch, we can help.

Email is the perfect channel to drive direct sales to your existing customers, but it can also be used to

  • Generate leads
  • Keep your brand front of mind
  • Build loyalty
  • Share knowledge / information

Every email is an opportunity to grow your business. If you’re not looking at all your emails, then you’re missing a chance to promote your products and services.

Email marketing – the full service

Successful email campaigns don’t just happen. They require several elements working together and we can help you with every step. From the planning and targeting, through design and build to reporting and analysis.

Lead generation

People don’t buy from businesses they don’t know; they need to become familiar with a business before they make a purchase.

A series of targeted emails can help you turn your prospects in to customers. We’ll help you build a programme to increase their product knowledge. It’ll give them confidence and convince them that you’ll be able to provide the service that they need.


Regular newsletters keep your customers updated with what’s new and showcases the other things you can offer them. They may not be in a position to buy anything at the moment, but you want to be considered when they are.

By making your newsletters interesting, it keeps your business front of mind. And so when the time comes for their next purchase, they’ll come to you.

Targeted email marketing coming out of a phone

Welcome / Onboarding

Your customers are at their most engaged just after buying from you. A good welcome programme helps turn them from single buyers into repeat purchasers. This is especially important for high priced or complicated products. A stuctured series of follow-up emails will help your customers get the most out of your product or service. In turn this make it more likely they will come back and buy from you again.

Email signatures

Every time you send an email it is an opportunity to promote your business. Even the humble email signature can showcase your company and add value to the recipient. By highlighting an award or service standard shows they are in good hands with you, or you can link to a piece of relevant content on your website that will benefit them.
If you would like to improve the way you use email to interact with your existing and prospective customers, contact us. We’ll take your email marketing to the next level!