Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

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When I asked my daughter this morning if she wanted to build a snowman, she told me there wasn’t enough snow. But as you can see from the header, there was. Ok, so it may not be a big snowman, but it’s still a snowman. It was still fun to make, and in the end, we had something tangible to show for our efforts.

Many businesses I have spoken to are like my daughter – they don’t want to build a snowman with me either. They also tell me that they don’t do any marketing because they don’t have a large budget like other companies do.

The thing is, you don’t need a lot of snow to make a snowman and you don’t need a large budget to create something that works. Do things the right way, and you can still see a positive response. Do lots of little things the right way and the cumulative effect can be impressive.

A big campaign may work, it may not, but is it sustainable? Can you handle a sudden influx of new customers?

Small changes to your website can see you convert an extra couple of visitors. Making it easier to upgrade or buy accessories can increase the average spend. Sending targeted offers straight to your clients will encourage them to purchase more often. These things might not show an immediate jump in profits, but you will see steady growth.

At Chic Marketing we can help you achieve these objectives. Get in touch and we will be more than happy to visit you and discuss ways in which we can help your business grow. We may even be able to build a snowman together.