The Benefits of Training

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Last week I delivered another training session for Firebrand Training. The 4 day course was teaching apprentices the Principles of Digital Marketing. It’s something I’m enjoying doing, and I’m learning things too.

For example, while going through sample papers I found out that;

“Using an email campaign with a call to action in order to drive more traffic to a website, is aligning a digital strategy with business objectives.”

Up until then I had just thought it was common sense. And part of every digital marketing role I’ve had over the last 15 years.

I’ve had to develop parts of the course as well as deliver it, and that meant revisiting marketing theory. Having to explain to my students why and how things are done, has made me take a step back. It’s also meant looking at things from a different perspective.

The reasons why I do something are simple. It’s the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from marketing campaigns over the years.

My students though, needed to know the fundamental principles, the reasoning behind why I do what I do. They needed to understand the theory that underpins everything.

They also needed the real-life examples to help bring things to life for them.

Training the trainer

Going back to basics like this has also changed my perspective when talking to new clients. I sometimes forget that while marketing strategy is second nature to me, it isn’t to everyone.

On several ocassions while I was delivering the training course I looked at things and thought: I haven’t done that in years. Then I realised that I actually do it all the time, but not as a separate process. They are things that are just built in, almost without thinking. They’re now so ingrained in the way that I work, it’s instinctive.

When presenting a proposal, the idea on its own is not enough, regardless of how great it may sound. People want to know you’re not guessing at what might work.

I need to be able to show why it will work and give people the reassurance they need. Explaining the solid, proven basis behind an approach does this.

I’m not going to start referring to an email campaign as a digital strategy aligned to a business objective any time soon. But, from now on, a reworded version may form part of the reasons why I’ll suggest it.

If you need help with aligning your digital strategies to your business objectives, or just a plain old email marketing campaign, get in touch.